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Originally Posted by rittenhouserobz
I am willing to suggest that there are some coaches availible who look at the tools the Texans have and are saying "I can make this work" kinda like the Marvin Lewis situation. Capers and company have the tools. Its just a matter of how they use them.
Does how they use them include fumbles, stupid mistakes and penalties? Do you think that Capers has forgot to mention HOLD ONTO THE FOOTBALL? Or DON'T HIT THE QB IN THE HEAD. Or perhaps Capers failed to mention DONT GRAB THE FACEMASK or DONT JUMP OFFSIDES. When is it that you hold the players accountable?? Or maybe we need a new coach because they wont listen to him. How sad would that be? All the things mentioned above are coached in pewee league. Not to mention they make millions to do what they do.
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