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Originally Posted by compy75
Now I understand the disdain after DD's fumbles today but let's be fair here. He has been completely overworked. Look at his touches compared to ANYONE in the league. He had 25 carries and 11 catches today alone. As for the fact that the turnovers cost us 14 points aren't we stretching it out a little bit.

His first fumble they failed to score.

His second fumble, they MARCHED 79 yards. Sure it's easy to scapegoat a guy who has fumbled FOUR times in two games but lets be fair here. Last season, no one could run behind this line. Mack's benching maybe blamed on his fumble, but reality is that everyone was gaining 2.9 ypg behind our line. DD averaged 4.4. It's one thing to say his fumbling is a huge problem, it's another to blame the loss on them. Last week, I can understand a bit. This week, no it wasn't the fumbling.
well, everyone on the board thought that DD was going to lead the league in rushing and be the next LT and he thought he was going to get 2000 yards so he has to work. And the worst thing about turnovers it not that they score, but that we dont have the chance to score. We could have gotten 14 points off his two fumbles. Mack was gaining 2.9 ypc last year because he was running with turf toe. DD found plenty of holes last year and Mack ran just fine in the first couple of games. If Davis doesnt fumble late against SD, we could tie it up and win in OT. If Davis doesnt fumble a 2nd time today, we can score 7 points and not give up 7 points. DD is a big reason for the loss....

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