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Originally Posted by JDTexan
Did you notice the difference when we got behind and they started to let Carr throw the ball down field. We made huge chunks of yards and started to score! It reminded me of when Carr was at Fresno St. They let him make the calls and throw the ball down field when he wanted.

Look at the first half when they had Carr throwing outs, slants, and sideline routs. What did we get. NOTHING.

Let Carr do what you got him for. Palmer needs to let him SLING IT!!!
The reason he was able to throw was the defensive alignment. Carr actually had time to throw since most of the D was in coverage. I agree they could have thrown more on 1st down but the Texans offense if putting up good numbers at least. The rash of turnovers have everybody wondering "what if". I really think again the offense looked balanced but penalties, mistakes and fumbles are KILLING US!!! It is the defense that really disappoints me. They give up WAY to many 3rd and long plays.
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