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Originally Posted by WINTEXANSWIN
I am not speaking for some of the stuff you see on this board, because I agree with you on some of the things that are posted on here. BUT, when fans vent, this usually means they are die-hard fans. It does not mean that are giving up on their team. Unlike, Vinny, who is an NFL follower and not a Texan fan, I care about my team. It hurts when we lose. That doesn't mean I am a fair-weather fan. It means I expect the best from our team. We are not executing right now, so I am angry. I have that right as a fan. And if I were NOT angry, I would just be an NFL follower like Vinny.
i'm just as big of a texans fan as each and everyone of you (except for dressing up in football pads and acting "weird" to get attention drawn to myself), but theres no reason at all to be mad. sure, we lose, we're 0-2 okay.

what can we do to change the past? just move forward to the next game.

I like the team and feel they are great. I just feel like looking at the positives instead of worrying about the negatives.
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