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Capers is rigid in his style.. agreed. How can that ever be a good thing?
If the team is being asked to 'step it up' a notch this year, will Capers lead in that effort .. It doesn't seem to be in his personality so far. We'll see I guess. Hope he proves me wrong.

Back to emotional coaches .. I don't like lunatics for coaches either.
But two of my favorite coaches of all time.. who 'showed emotion' .. that never let their team during a game:
Woody Hayes - Ohio State, and yes, look where emotion got him - FIRED, but he was great. He loved the game and could not separate himself from it ever. And before he flipped out ... he was SUPER!

Another favorite coach ..
John Madden.. 'Mr. Wild Man on the Sidelines' ... flapping his arms and pacing nonstop. He had a huge following of admirers. And no one could ever confuse his style of coaching with Capers. :hehe:
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