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Im a diehard Cowboys fan but respect you guys alot, I just dont understand why ya make such a big deal out of the annual Dallas..Houston preseason game. We Dallas fans see it as a neat little bout between two Texas teams while alot of Houston fans take the game to a whole other level of importance. Honestly, we could care less about the game and the 2 times we lost to Houston in the preseason most of us just shrugged our shoulders and looked ahead to the next opponent while Houston fans tried to smear our face in it.

I do like Houston though and they'll always be my second favorite team. As long as they stay in the AFC I'll always be rooting for them to make it to the Superbowl. I hope Houston prevails against the Lions tommorow and I cant wait to watch them. Anyways, you wont see any trolling from reality Im just another Houston fan with greater loyalty to another team.
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