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Sassy, being cool and calm is an asset if you are observant and thinking which reflects why you are calm. Capers doesn't appear to be able to think on his feet and react to the situations at hand. I think he's so maticulous for that reason. Remember, he is a product of Mr C who is at New York. Mr C is an extemely maticulous man who finds it hard to adapt to changes on the fly. He's also a very emotional coach. While as a student in college, I had a professor who was very much that way. He was considered a brilliant writer, but if he was making a presentation and something went South he was totally lost. I got an A, because I was able to bail him out one day while he was at the board. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Some people just don't process under fire. I'm beginning to believe both Palmer and Capers are of that ilk. They are excellent analyzers, but very poor game time coaches. When Fresno State had Jim Sweeny as the head coach, I felt the same way. When the game was on the line he became frazzled. Again, it seemed to me like he couldn't think when the game was on the line.
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