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Originally Posted by aj.
Agree with your general intent but I'll add that if the play works, Palmer is rarely or never a hero - it's taken for granted - the player(s) get the credit - and in many cases the play is forgotten by Monday morning. If ANY play fails, especially running plays for less than a 4 yard gain (which comprise about 50% of all rushing plays for all teams on any given Sunday - and god forbid you run two in a row), then it's forever etched into memory - Palmer/Capers gets the blame for being conservative, unimaginitive, and keeping the playbook closed - and he/they should be fired.
LOL...good point A.J. I give some fans too much credit I guess. I know the coaches know better and hopefully the owner too. I was impressed with the 2 screen play calls that happened to come during an all out blitz from the Boltz. I wonder If Palmer picked up on something that tipped him off.

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