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Originally Posted by SassyTexan
All of my favorite College and Pro coaches, past and present, show emotion. Capers is lacking in that department. Standing on the sidelines taking notes, he is slow to react to things happening .. things like coaches challenges. The whole stadium is yelling their heads off to review something and he's MIA many times... doesn't appear to think on his feet. He seems to need time to analyze and dissect what's going on before making any moves.
Noting the mistakes of the game and taking it to the locker room after the game is fine, but doing some game analyzing and making corrections as it is happening is in order too.
Curious what the players thoughts are about their head coach and how they rate him.
Examples of Coaches that don't/didn't show much outward emotion on the field

Bum Phillips
Tom Landry
Bud Grant
Tony Dungy
Head coach of the 80's era Steelers cant remember his name.

This is just off the top of my head. These guys weren't too shabby. Going loco on the field makes a head coach look out of control of both the game and himself IMO. Give me a calm cool commander in battle any day.
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