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Pardon me but arn't the Lions one of oldest NFL franchises NEVER to reach the SB? I like the way you hang your hat on "almost got there seasons" because It reminds me of our woefull Oilers. But I guess at least there appearance in the SB as the Titans eliminates that franchise as one of the oldest. Anybody know what other team has been in the NFL longer than the Lions and never reach the SB? Barry Sanders was one of the best RB's of all time and his leadership skills being a hinderance to the team is absurd. Try having NO offensive line to speak of for 10yrs. Why would you want to work the best RB in football in off-season and pre-season? We didnt even do it with DD. Earl Cambell never participated in off season and rarely played pre-season after his 1st yr. I dont recall anyone ever questioning his leadership skills. Our O-Line would have killed or died for Earl. Lions fans have become professional excuse makers and I empathise after watching the Oilers for 25yrs. Also, as long as the Lions have been in the League and never reach the SB how far behind the most important curve of all do you think they are?

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