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Originally Posted by JackDizzle
Coming from a guy who roots for the same team that wasted Barry Sanders' talent for 10 years.

I reiterate the need for a speel chekker!
If you knw anything about the Lions you might know that we didn't waste is talent. Perhaps he wasted his own talent. Sure he was a great "runningback", but Barry was a terrible leader. Don't get me wrong, but Barry never participated in the off season, usually skipped training camp, never took a leadership role and quit before training camp just like Ricky Williams did. Great highlight film, but wasted talent and poor leader. Everyone has their flaws.

And oh yeah we did go the playoffs almost every year and lost in the NFC championship game to the redskins. The game we should have won, but didn't. Our QB got hurt and Andre Ware (biggest bust ever) had to play.

Why don't you guys call me when you get 10 years under your belt and tell me if David Carr's talent was wasted!
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