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Originally Posted by Threader
This coming from a LIONS fan... pardon me while the hysterics die down. Got news for ya bub... yer franchise hasn't exactly been a shining example of superior football recently either. I love it... now LIONS fans think they can smack-talk about others God bless America, huh?
The Lions have always been a very competitive team. Throughout the 80's, 90's and early 00's we have had playoff appearances and repectable records. Until the previous 3 seasons we have done ok. When you guys actually reach the playoffs and the conference championship you Texans fans should have much to say. And don't give me that expansion ****. Based on recent expansion teams Carolina, Jacksonville and Baltimore you guys are behind hte curve. All those teams have made a bigger splash than you guys. Especially the way they set up with the expansion draft and no.1 pick. Maybe if your coach didn't waste money on an injury prone left tackle and aging defender you would have done better.
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