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I understand that people get tired of harping on the same things over and over. That's one of the downsides of football. With a week of time between games, you generally have run out of things to discuss by Saturday morning. But it just seems entirely pointless to me to focuss much on the coaching staff when, as others have pointed out, there is so very much we don't know. The Baxter run was one of the few playcalls where I think even the average fan can look at it and say "WTF, WHY?" and not be considered to be overreacting. No matter how you look at it, that play didn't make much sense. But in the entire football game, that is really the only legitimate playcall I have seen anyone in here bring up. That's pretty indicative of how difficult it is to pin fault on the coaching staff. We just don't know.

But on the other hand, in terms of the turnovers, we DO know. It's pretty matter-of-fact. Dominick doesn't have the ball. Dominick is handed the ball (or thrown), Dominick has the ball, runs, and then doesn't have the ball. Not many people to blaim there outside of Davis. I doubt we see a repeat. Same with Carr, but to a lesser degree. His situation didn't bother me as much. One INT was on a pass he was trying to force a bit with the time running out and the team trying to get into good FG range, if not a all out TD. The other was on a deflection at the LOS that just happened to launch into freaking orbit and enable the defense to get underneath it easily. That's some bad luck. But hey, it happens.

I feel I'm rambling here so I'll wrap it up. The long and short of it is, the only real, non-muddled, clear target for criticism in most cases (from the perspective of the fans) is the players and their execution. It doesn't seem fair, but it seems to be the way it is. I wish it was possible to sign up for some kind of cable package where you could listen in to the conversations the coaches and players have over their headsets. How awesome would THAT be?

Also, I seem to recall Davis having a couple huge runs being called back because of silly penalities. I hope the team cuts down on those tomorrow as well.
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