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Default Different prespective of Lions and Texans Matchup

Feel free to agree disagree with my analysis... please explain why also, i like having insight from other teams fans... this is not really based on depth eaither becase that would be looking too far into things...
QB - Carr vs Harrington: a great story a breat debate... both have struggled since being in the NFL... Edge: push, both have yet to prove anything...

RB - Davis vs Jones - Jones, well is a rookie, and Davis has become a borderline very good NFL RB... edge Domanick Davis...

O-Line - Lions vs Texans: Texans O-Line is decent but not great... Detroit's O-Line somehow got the persona of being terrible, while i think they are very good... ESPN has bettered my argument by ranking the Texans O-Line 21 and the Lions O-Line 13... Edge: Lions

FB - Norris vs Schlesinger: Norris isnt healthy right now, and Baxter is the backup... Corey "sledge" Schlesinger is IMO the toughtest fullback in football, and is he a very good blocking FB... Edge Lions

WR - This is a simple one... With Rogers the Lions are better, without Rogers the Texans are better... Edge: Texans

Defenseive front 7: its hard to comapre a 3-4 to a 4-3 so i will just leave thatup to someone else, who might have a solid stance about it... but based on the Lions DE's sucking and having a razor thin core of LBs due to injuries, this can only go 1 way... Edge: Texans

CBs: very much like the WRs. with Bly and Bryant the Lions have a clear edge.. but without, i have to give this one to the Texans, Glenn is a good CB, and Coleman is a pretty good starter... Edge: Texans

Safeties - even with the amazing performance last week, Bracy Walker still isnt a very good Safety and would have to have more good games to show last week wasnt a fluke(92 yard blocked kcik return, and game winning INT)... Marion is old, but disguises his loss of physical ability well, by playing with what he has -- experience... Brown and McCree were both less then spectacular last season... but the stats look better then the Lions... Edge: Lions...(Brock Marion isnt all the way done, and has been around)...

Let me know what yiu guys think...
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