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Originally Posted by bossbfan
The Lions actually have A LOT of guys who are playmakers, (aka. players who don't just play their position adequately, but occationaly light up the field.) That was The Bears biggest problem last weekend - Lots of solid players who did a good job and beat us statisticly, but none of them could stand out by making a big play.

The Texans are solid and its going to be a good game. We're going to be forced to make our own luck again probably, and if we can't you guys will probably pull it off. We've won 4 of our last 6 games though, and its mostly due to average players just being able to make things happen. The Lions have been a really exciting team to watch lately.
in all honesty, the Texan fan is right... and i dont agree with your definition of 'playmaker'... the Lions top 3 play makers are hurt(Bly, Bailey, Rogers)...
IMO Williams is our only play maker... but i also think that these fans perception of the Harrington and Jones are wrong... Harringtons WRs had i think 7 dropped passes, i think 3 dropped passes would be average for a game. and for Jones, it seemed like the Bears were plotting only to stop the run and had 8 men in the box at all times. not to mention by seasons end i think chicago will have a top 5 front 7 in the league... hence KJ 37 yard 2.2 YPC day...
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