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Default Can't please them all...

I've come to believe that the higher they (players) are the bigger & harder the ROCKS are! Sometimes even boulders. Not to worry though, even the President of these United States can't escape it or please everyone. Everybody has their own opinions as to what a QB should or should not do and NOBODY ever agrees! Leaders for millions of years have taken their fair share of criticism and Carr, I believe will survive his.

It's actually part of the enjoyment of the game for some people...imagine the unique ability to get involved in the game, without having to get his/her jersey dirty or leave the game without a concussion. Who wouldn't want that? I'm sure the REAL players would opt for it, because they are the ones who put their life and limb on the line anyway, to give the fans a few hours of enjoyment. So we'll let these fans have their fun, because that's what makes the game real to them and that's what keeps bringing them back. Yes, it's part of the enjoyment to "critique" defined: To examine or discuss. & also to "criticise" defined: To find fault with, or to point out faults & failures. I think there is a destinct difference. But that's just me and I choose to enjoy the whole experience and support the team as a whole and leave the real, hard work to those whom get paid for it. Just a thought!
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