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I just love to read personal opinions about people that have absolutely nothing to do with the facts. "Carr will never make a great QB." Yet stats and simply watching the guy perform for two years with a makeshift offensive line are ignored. One of you said he has 3 years behind him, uh no. It is two years and one game. Does he make mistakes and blunders? Of course.

Most "experts" say this year should be a good year to evaluate Carr if the O line stays healthy, if the running back averages more than 3 yards/carry and if a tight end or running back catches an occasional ball for 4-5 yards. Only one game but I think Carr has looked good. Personally, I don't hold the batted pass that lead to an interception against Carr. We could argue all day he should have held it. Yeah, now we know it was hit. He admitted he forced the other interception. OK. Let's move on. A concern yes. A problem? Not yet.

0- 1 yes. But we have a thousand yard rusher with an exciting back up (at least when he is able to stay healthy). A wide receiver that almost hit 1,000.
Another wide reciever that averaged over 20 yds/catch and is known as a burner. Gafney looks good this year and Armstrong makes unbelievable catches and should see some time. OLine appears solid and maybe set for years. On left with Wand & Pitts (anyone remember Matthews & Munchak?)and right is even steadier. I am very satisfied we have right guys on offense. Now CRANK IT UP!! Hey Detroit! Here kitty, kitty.
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