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Originally Posted by Jwwillis
Holy Smokes! How do the Lions fans come off as If they are the defending SB champs? They won a road game and it is considered a huge milestone. The Texans beat Miami on the road for there home opener last year and went 5-11. The patriots went 0-2 to start the season and won the SB. If we are even talent wise why do you have the Lions scoring twice as many points as the Texans? The Lions havent won a playoff game in what...35yrs? Your coach said that both of our teams are similar in that they are both developing clubs. What?! almost 40yrs of existance?
Lions beat the Cowboys 38 to 6 in 1991, in the Divisional playoffs, after a bye week from their 12-4 record, and proceeded to lose to the Redskins in the NFC championship game, who went on to win the superbowl against the Bills, a team the lions had just beaten a month earlier, at Buffalo.

2000 was a bad year. Coach gone, lost a lot of players, had to completely rebuild the team from the Bobby Ross power football to west coast offense. You are developing, we are re-emerging after a rough stretch, something all NFL teams (including the 4 time world champ Detroit Lions) go through. Team has been in existence since 1930, and in Detroit since 1934.

I see this as a close game that the Lions win.
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