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Originally Posted by bossbfan
Well Texans, although I have always kinda liked your team from afar, I am a lions fan and I hope we completly destroy you.

That being said- I'm very disapointed about not getting to see (Joey against Carr) and (Andre against Rogers)

That being said- You guys get to play us without our two best players, Rogers and Dre Bly. If we still had em, I wouldn't be giving you a chance. But since we don't the game seems pretty 50/50.

Don't blow it like you did last week... or its going to be a long year for you.
Why arnt we going to see ( Carr vs. Joey )? You are correct that missing 2 starters is a disadvantage. But then again so is starting 2 rookies in key positions. Babin(LOLB) and Daunte Robinson(CB). Dont count on DD fumbling at all and dont count on Daunte Robinson to fall down on coverage to give up a TD. Also, I dont like the Carr/Harrington comparison much because Carr has been running for his life for 2 yrs. I actually think it has effected his decision making skills. He is good at finding the TE and 4th chk off receiver but rarely throws downfield. Man, If Carr had the time to actually stand in and step up in the pocket he would be miles ahead of Harrington. His first year he didnt even have a pocket. And BTW I hope the Texans destroy the Lions :hehe:
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