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What is amazing is that this is what a lot of us have been saying and it simply states the obvious when you think what happens with the Texans in the 2nd half. Perhaps I'm over stating things, but I don't think so. Basically, I think Capers writes a script and refuses to adjust. Its like war fare. If you are getting the H kicked out of you, you don't continue to do the same thing if you can help it. We get tunnel vision and it leads to a 2nd half loss. Its an indication of an inability to think on your feet and under pressure. Its like taking notes while the game is going on rather than focusing on the game at hand. Oh, I also think the other teams have picked up on this tendency. Capers even said that even though a couple of the turnovers where around the 50, that SD went on to score rather quickly. That has to be a recognition that we have a problem defensively and I think he refuses to admit it.
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