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Darn, I forgot about Faggins!!! That guy is pretty good.
Yes, Goodman was the NB, but will be starting due to Bly's injury. I was actually referring to Cash as the 'new' NB, who also started his rookie year. Many people think he is actually better than Goodman, but his knee is untested.
Alexander is a good receiving TE, and YES his injured past is a concern. I personally liked Ricks, but I'm not a coach.

It is a pretty even matchup across the board. Detroits weakest aspect is run D, going against a team with poor (at least last year and 120+ in 1 game this year, LT or not) run D. WR'S a wash, Secondary's a wash to slight advantage Hou, front 7- wash, Oline- slight advantage Det (IMO, and I emphasize slight), QB- ??? depends on which QB shows up for both teams, RB's- on paper, huge advantage Hou, but I think Chicagos front 7 will show to stop many a running game, so this game will tell where Det running game is at, could be a good day for them. All around, the makings of a great game
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