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My bad, I did forget Smith. I don't consider Bruener much of an improvement, much like I don't count Stephen Alexander as an improvement for the Lions, but I guess we could count them as well. Oh, and we got a starting DE back healthy

Offense upgrades for the Lions- 5 (TE, OG, WR, WR, RB)
Defense upgrades for the Lions- 3.5 (OLB, CB, nickel CB(1/2 point), DE, S = 4.5, but we lost Boss for awhile so -1)

Well, it is about even, but Streets experience in the WCO will really help, and Woody (same for your line shifts), TE's are a wash, Det needed there 2 young RB's bad. Edge to Det and the CB addition, as of right now, both got rookie OLB's, having a starting quality CB as the nickel helps Det. About even, slight edge to Det.
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