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Originally Posted by HoustonLionsFan
Actually, most educated lions fans are nervous about this one. It is like the guy above me (Ogre?) said^^^, unpredicatable. I believe most Lions fans think the Lions will pull it out only because they are at home, all the rest on the DuMB are just kids that don't know what they are talking about and just want to talk sh*t.
Hey Houston. I am an educated Lion Fan and I am also an adult. You keep defending Lions Fans who are talking smack, well you can talk smack and be respectful in how you do it as long as we don't cross the line. I also am not really all that worried about this game. It will be very hard for the Texans to travel to Detroit, Play a non-conference fo and win this game. First we are tough to beat at home no matter how talented we may or may not be and this year we happen to have way way mre talent then in recent year when we beat teams much better than the Texans. Second of all intense purposes the Texans outplayed the Charges last week and still lost. All be it due to turnovers, but they still played well.

Everyone assumed they will play just as well just without the turnovers. I beg to differ. I think we are much better than San Diego and turnovers or not they will lose. Ford Field is a tough place to play. Also I believe our offense will be much better than last week and the D will only get better. We had alot of guys play last week who were coming off injuries and had not practiced or played much in the pre-season. Especially on D.

I think a 28-14 outcome is very realistic. Really no knock on the Texans I just think we are much more confident after all the adversity we faced last week and the home opener is always a high energy game for us.

The Texans will need alot if breaks to keep this one close.
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