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Originally Posted by Kingzofthejungle
No he is not still a Pro-Bowl Corner. And if you think that then you are really in trouble.
And for the guy that said AJ was a classy and quiet dude. Please he was a loud mouth cocky player at Miami and nothing has changed. Maybe he hasn't done anything in Texas yet, but he is far from a Choir Boy.
Aaron Glenn is one injury plagued season removed from being a Pro Bowl player...check the 2002 Pro Bowl rosters...don't count one of the hardest working and smartest...not to mention most well respected by his peers...DB's in the league out....also someone in here mentioned he wasn't even in the top 20 CBs in the league anymore...I challenge someone to name me 20 CB's better than Aaron in the league.

Secondly, AJ being loud mouth and cocky....think you better check your facts Kingz my boy...AJ has always been quiet and respectful...don't let the overall reputation of the school and some of his team mates...(can you say KWII) prejudice your opinion of a very classy young man.
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