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Originally Posted by SBTexans08
I find it rather weird how you Lions fans are really cocky for this game considering you guys caused 4 turnovers and only won by 4 points. Throw in the fact that Chicago is hurting on their secondary some and I'd say the Lions didn't do so great. Had they not won the turnover ratio you guys would have lost.

I'm not taking the Lions lightly but I'm excited about this match up...seems like you guys are taking the Texans lightly however after winning by only a 4 point margin against a team (Bears) that doesn't square up against the Texans talent wise...and somewhat on certain positions, more so on the secondary positions.
Actually the Bears Defense was really impressive. They have very good LBS, They have a shutdoen corner in Tillman and Mike Brown is a really good safety. Both are rated higher than any of your guys. They also have a Pro-bowl LB in Urlacher so I am not sure where you get your info from.

On offense you guys might be slightly ahead of them, but not by much. Davis is still a 2nd year player, same for AJ and Carr well he is in the same boat as Joey H. You forget you are coming to our house. We are a much better home team. Also last time I checked it doesn't matter if you win by 1 or 100 it still is a win.

Just an FYI, I think overall we are pretty even talent wise, but I don't see you guys beating us at home. We should prevail 28-14.

Alot of you guys are predicting beating us by 10-14 points. I doubt that at all maybe 2 or 3 at the most, if you win. You won't though!
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