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Originally Posted by D-ReK
if i had to guess, i would say he wasn't on the juice...most likely because vince mcmahon was sued a few years back for encouraging the use of, and handing out, steroids to wrestlers...this should be an interesting story though ...
That and now Vince fires guys on the spot for any kind of drug use that isn't from a doctor, 'roids included. Brian "Grandmaster Sexay" Lawler was fired a couple years ago for drugs and actually got the axe AGAIN after Monday's show for being late. Jeff Hardy can't come back until he goes to rehab. The list just goes on. So I hardly doubt Brock Juices. As far as agility, he's one of the few men over 215 lbs that can pull off a shooting star press. The botched attempt at WrestleMania XIX was a fluke. I've seen tapes from when he was in OVW and the kid would do it on the regular. I still think he's stupid for leaving like that.
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