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Default Oh Please!

I'm sure if Carr had his "druthers" he wouldn't have oppted to not have a NEW, green team to start with right out of the block with. Any young player in his right mind would have wanted to go to an established team. Carr wasn't given that advantage. What he's done in toughness, work ethics, leadership and dedication to this team and our fair city, more than qualifies him for service in my opinion. Some young QB's coming out of college can't hang in the NFL, we see it every years, even on an established, playoff or Superbowl teams. What Carr's overcome and continues to overcome should be admired and NOT critisized, as many fans often jump on the band wagon to do. I believe that had we not chosen him in the draft, we'd be still looking for our QB. Not too many players have the character or could have taken the beating or the lack of talent and survived to live another season, except him. I too believe that he has what it takes to become a Pro-Bowler and one of the greats in "due season". He's had a long hard road to tow, with still more challenges ahead of and yet he's still confident and still insists that the best is yet to come. He belives in our team and I for one give him credit for standing his ground and remaining centered on one thing...getting us to the playoffs. We live in a society of quick fixes and give me, give me now...somethings take time and anything worth having is worth waiting for. I for one will be patient and encourage other fans to do the same. We've only just begun to fight and when we do, the NFL won't know what to do with us. Oh ya, they'll probably jump on our bandwagon and say "I knew it all along", just like some of our fair-weatherd fans!
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