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When in our existence will it be time to attack an opponent? This year or next? Our goal, game in and game out, seems to be to keep a game close. I agree 4 turnovers were the difference in the loss to SD, but when did we challenge this team? One pass beyond 20 yards towards the end of the half, and where was the healthy, attacking defense? Our nine wins have come by an average margin of 5 points, and it's only that high due to the 18 point difference in the Steeler game. (Atlanta 17-13, Buffalo 12-10, Carolina 14-10, Dallas 19-10, Jax 24-20, Jax 21-19, Miami 21-20, NYG 16-14, Pitt 24-6). I didn't predict a playoff spot for us this year, but I also didn't expect to see the same conservative play on both sides of the ball.
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