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Default Cream rises to the top!

I remember growing up, being from a huge sports family, uncles playing professional sports, father and uncles college atheletes, and there was always a saying they would say to the younger kids, "Cream rises to the top!". I never fully understood what they said, but it always stuck there. I knew that eventually, the best would be seen, but how does it get seen? Through hard work, perseverance, a little prodding so to speak, and some failures! Well, I know we can get down on our team after tough loses like this past week against the Chargers, but you know what folks, Cream Rises to the Top! I think we have some great young talent, great coaches, great owner, and even though we belly-ache as "Monday Quarterbacks" and Al-Bundy like past high school heros', we still have the greatest fans on earth. I'm gonna be the first to admit my faults and try to be as positive as I can to give and lend as much support to the team and any fan that needs a shoulder to cry on. Eventually this team is going to explode and I want to be the fan that stayed through all the hard times, and never got down on David, when he threw an ill-advised last 2nd quarter pick, or DD fumbling in the Red Zone, or Palmer not desigining plays for "OUR" "T.O.", AJ the Great! It's going to come around, sooner, hopefully, than later. I just wish it would hurry up!

So this morning, yes I said morning, I tip my cup or morning fresh brewed homemade brew ha-ha, Here's to you, MR. I NEVER PLAYED A SPORT IN MY LIFE, BUT LIVE THROUGH MY HOMETOWN SPORTS TEAM, IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING AND NIGHTS, ON THE TEAM WEBSITE! Because you and I are special, and deserve it for the hours we also put in, trying to make our teams rise to the top!!:
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