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Originally Posted by TexansTrueFan
Man aint it bout time you went to the next opponents message board and looked like a fool there ? Cause the games over and noone really cares anymore so later !!! Plus Brees is not all he's cut out to be he just exposed or rookie cb and helped his stats a little !
Don't worry too much about FAN - the only reason he came over here in the first place was getting spun up by a trio of Houston smack talkers on the Chargers forums (about 500 messages of it last week and quite a show). Most Houston fans are a bit more sophisticated (did I spell that right)?

Brees is in his 4th year and doing a great job. His stats were better than David's last year - but he got yanked for "not taking care of the ball" only because the Chargers have the best "relief pitcher" in the league in Doug Flutie. Don't believe me - you can check it out on NFL.COM - his stats had David beat - (not bad for a boy from Texas eh?). As bad as we were - even Doug could only go 2/2...

Drew is now going into his 4th year and I expect him to do great things this year. Like looking off the Texans safety to the left (who bit BIG time) then throwing a TD strike over a shutdown corner that though he had some help back there. Not a bad play by either the Safety or Cornerback - just a great look-off by Drew.

Unfortunately - since managment decided to bring in Phillip Rivers I don't know if he will be a Charger next year or not. I see him staying only if he KNOWS that PR has to WIN his job from him and not have it just handed to him. I sure hope so - ya need an iron man or two quality QBs to go anywhere these days. Look at what happened to the Falcons... For that matter the same thing could happen to Detroit next week.

You are certainly right about one thing - the Charger game is over. Lets see if your/my team can learn from it and go kick some Detroit BUTT!
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