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Originally Posted by phan1
He just needs to fix his ball carrying. He didn't do a very good job hanging onto the ball last year either. Hope he fixes it soon. We definitely don't need a Tiki Barber here in Houston.
OK - I gotta say it. Even Dom Capers is talking about "we gotta take care of the ball" - typical coach speak for any situation - he couldn't have done a BETTER job of putting the ball away!

Davis has every reason to hold his head up. He didn't "give" the ball up with an out and out fumble - Jerry Wilson is an old pro and hit him/it HARD with his helmet at the perfect time. Give Wilson credit rather than blaming Davis.

For that matter - Carr's interception was caused by Donnie Edwards, another old Pro in this league, leaping so high in the air the ball hit his helmet and went 30+ feet in the air. Carr didn't make a bad play - Edwards made an EXCELLENT play.

Don't get down on the guys that are going to lead the Texans to the playoffs - at least not when they don't deserve it.

The Texans, Chargers and Seahawks are *all* going to be the most improved teams in the league this year if they can just stay healthy.

'nuff said!
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