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Originally Posted by SA Fan

I love these pre-game breaking news stories.

I've been lurking this meassage board since last December and never had more of a reason to post than to say this: "Keep em' Coming!"

I think the concept of making a breaking news story involving some outlandish situation for the team the Texans are about to play is awesome.
I think it's a great way of pumping up and unifying the fans who aren't there live to tailgate or chat it up before the game, but can visit the message board from time to time.

I just hope that others feel the same way and plan to pass the torch for the rest of the season.

I stopped watching Football when the Oilers moved and didn't startw atching again until las december. I'll admit that I don't know enough about the NFL or the current state of the other teams to pull off a story myself.

But I will be watching expectantly.

Yeah We'll have a story for every team we play ! Lots of BREAKING news. So you'll see plenty more !
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