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Originally Posted by Blake
I see a struck a nerve
Not at all, I was trying to help you be a more informed poster, and educated football fan. But I know see that this is not possible. I mean geez, you can teach a monkey things, but you...

Sorry but watching you get angry makes me smile
Angry? Not even close. I actually am laughing with you, no, actually, at you.

When you have to quote every little phrase I make individually it just shows your frustration
That's funny, I wasn't (and am not) even frustrated. I was trying to break it down for you into nice little bite size pieces since you didn't seem to comprehend (oops, sorry, understand) the point I was trying to make.

Just remember, the angrier you get...the more enjoyable it is for me
WOW, someone has an awefully high opinion of themseves
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