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Default Harrington down.......

New York Times: Harrington was recently invoved in a tragic accident this past tuesday. Reports say he was at Elton Johns Estate while they were recording a Lions fight song on the piano, when he accidenty got one of his fingers wedged in between 2 of the keys. Sources say he was rushed to the Hospital where he recieved 10 stitches on the index finger of his right hand. Coach Mariucchi told reporters today "It was a freak accident i dont know why joey keeps playing that d*** piano all the time anyway, we even had a piano put in the locker room for him to relax him before games. I guess now that is out of the question". He also said Harrington is questionable for the game against the Texans this sunday. Elton John was questioned by officals after the accident and said "it happened so fast I dont know what happened, i just hope he's ok and still able to play in the game sunday".Coach Mariucchi, is going to have a press conference thursday at 1:30 pm to say if his starting quaterback would be able to play in sundays game.

Any of yall hear about this ?
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