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Default Some playoff teams stumble out of gate

Only one team that made the playoffs last year started the 2003 season 0-2.

. . the Eagles (12-4) lost to the Bucs (7-9) and then lost to the Patriots (14-2) in the first two games.

The following teams made the playoffs last year but lost their first game of the 2003 season. They came back to win their second game, thereby starting the 2003 season 1-1:

. . Patriots (14-2) lost to the Bills (6-10) and then beat the Eagles (12-4)
. . Ravens (10-6) lost to the Steelers (6-10) and then beat the Browns (5-11)
. . Packers (10-6) lost to the Vikings (9-7) and then beat the Lions (5-11)
. . Rams (12-4) lost to Giants (4-12) and then beat the 49ers (7-9)
. . Cowboys (10-6) lost to Atlanta (5-11) and then beat the Giants (4-12) (in OT)

QUESTION: What will the Texans record be after the Detroit game this weekend?

MY GUESS: 1-1, the same record as last years playoff teams the Patriots, Titans, Ravens, Packers, Rams and Cowboys after two games into the 2003 season.
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