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Originally Posted by Blake
The reason Kevin Jones had difficulty picking up yards the other night was because of the offensive line.
Did you watch the game?

The announcers really know no more than me and you and Im sure the game was locally televised resulting in some praise for the Lions.
I wouldn't know about local announcers, I'm in Houston, hence, HoustonLionsFan (plus look ^^^)

Other than that I dont claim to know much more about the Lions O-line then what I have been told or have read
Wow, way to form your 'own' opinions

nor will I try to
What an open mind you have. That's the way to form opinions, ignorance

It seems everyone I know agrees that the offensive line for Detroit is poor
Well, it would seem that that 'everyone' is as uneducated/ignorant as you.

...and the game against Chicago kind of highlights this point.
Again, did you watch the game? Or are you talking out cho *** again?

Kevin Jones should of had much more than 36 yards in the game
Yeah, if he would have hit the right holes, he would have. What about Pinner, 5 for 21, and Bryson, 3 for 18. Oh that's right, you wouldn't know because it's easier to form opinions without the facts (huh?)

...a talented running back like that would of atleast broke 50 yards if blocking upfront was better
Huh, you're wrong again. See above

Sorry my opinions are not yours but this is what I think
That's fine, I was trying to help you form a more educated opinion, not an ignorant one

Im not biased against the Lions or anything of that nature
Never said you were

But if you say you've been nothing but polite on these boards then continue to show it by throwing your arrogance towards me out the window
When have I not been polite? And arrogance is the wrong word, sarcastic is probably closer.

If my opinion struck a debate then it was unintentional
It has only turned into a 'debate' because you refused to listen to someone more informed than yourself about a subject, presented in an objective way, to state your 'own' ignorant opinion.

Im sure your much more well informed on the Lions then I am
Yes, so why are you not listening? Everyone else on the board asked question and we had nice conversations, you made a false statement about something you know nothing about and won't listen to people who do. Ignorant and stubborn, sheesh.

so you can have the last word
No, please, make us more stupid with 'your' opinions (but you better go talk to 'everyone' first)

however this argument is so trivial to me.
WOW, Holier than thou, I guess it is true, Ignnorance is Bliss
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