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Capers isn't on the Hot Seat but he will be if the finish in last place with all of the talent that he kept on wraps last year. Last year we should've passed more but we didn't. Capers' and the OC's game plan was let's try a mix of both pas and run but if it starts not going anywhere its always run run pass. Their mixture confuses no one. Especially when they fell behind. The first quarter or sometimes the first half always looks promising but come third and ourth quarter they lose the ofensive mixup and every play is a run play.

How else did we lose those games last year? Sorry Dom you did a great job recruiting and getting good solid draft picks. But next year could be your last if we don't produce a playoff berth. I probably ain't your fault but we've had a serious upbringing but everyone has to move on to other things at times. Production counts. I believe we have a winning team now. We should be in the playoffs this year. If not this one next year with this highly productive squad....that is everyone except Bradford. He hasn't been as big in this offense as he was in Green Bay. I personally think he should be the third receiver.
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