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Originally Posted by TheOgre
The Lion's line is built to protect the passer. They are excellent pass-blockers and subpar run blockers. They may end up being a team that sets up the run with the pass (like New England).
the only O-lineman on the Lions O-Line that is a better passblocker then he is a run blocker is Jeff Backus, who is still a really good run blocker... the Lions do have a good runblocking line...
Reasons why Jones only rushed for 36 yards:
1. Jones himself... the tried to do to much... what i mean by this, there would be a hole where he could gain 4 yards, but tried to get to the outside to try and get more yards and would get stopped at the line...

2. Coaching... they tried running him to the outside all day where he never had any success and ran very little inside where they were having pretty good success...

3. The O-Line doesnt get off scott free, but they did a pretty good job. i saw some blocks that should have been made but werent, but not many...

4. The Bears have one of the best front 7 in the league... the WLB is weak, (Joe Odom)and one of the Bears DTs is weak(Alfonso Boone), but the rest is ROCK solid... Urlacher at MLB, Lance Briggs who is proving to be a force at SLB, Adawale Ogunleye, the AFC sack leader last year at LDE, Tommie Harris, a very talented DT who looked good vs the Lions and Alex Brown who was pretty good last year...
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