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Originally Posted by HoustonLionsFan
Like I said, you don't know what you're talking about. Where is this 'common knowledge' coming from? Yes they are mediocre at run blocking, but they are excellent at pass blocking. Even the announcers say that, and they are usually clueless. Don't try and push your opinion as 'common knowledge.'

BTW- You didn't offend me, and I have been nothing more than polite on this board, but no one has made an obviously wrong statement like that until now. But please, inform me, what are the O-linemen names, their tendencies, and why they are weak.

Oh, and that statement directly relates to this game, which is Texans football, I was just correcting you so you don't let everyone believe that the Texans D-line will dominate the 'poor' O-line of the Lions. How many times has Harrington been sacked in the past 2 years? And no, I'm not forgetting about the lack of a run game (but no quality RB's, playing from behind, and no passing game didn't help either).

The reason Kevin Jones had difficulty picking up yards the other night was because of the offensive line. 36 yards rushing in all, and this is against the Bears...argubaly one of the worst teams in the NFL. You cant have a one dimensional O-line and expect to win. Yea, won the other night...but against the Bears.

Announcers were kissing Quincy Carters butt all year long lastyear, where is he now. The announcers really know no more than me and you and Im sure the game was locally televised resulting in some praise for the Lions.

Other than that I dont claim to know much more about the Lions O-line then what I have been told or have read, nor will I try to. It seems everyone I know agrees that the offensive line for Detroit is poor and the game against Chicago kind of highlights this point. Kevin Jones should of had much more than 36 yards in the game, a talented running back like that would of atleast broke 50 yards if blocking upfront was better.

Sorry my opinions are not yours but this is what I think, Im not biased against the Lions or anything of that nature. But if you say you've been nothing but polite on these boards then continue to show it by throwing your arrogance towards me out the window. Anyways, you can throw out more points and prove me wrong untill your fingers break from all that typing but Im here for casual and friendly conversations...not debates. If my opinion struck a debate then it was unintentional. Im sure your much more well informed on the Lions then I am so you can have the last word and show your expertise on the subject....however this argument is so trivial to me.
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