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Originally Posted by Kingzofthejungle
What's the over/under on turnovers for Sunday? I say 5! If the Charges can get 4 we will get atleast 5!

Tell your Texans to pack some depends. We wouldn't want you guys to stain those pretty uniforms when they get smacked around Ford Field!

Tell you trolls to don't to our site talking smack after you lose to the worst team in football. Oh, I forgot that was last year. You guys have taken over that dubious crown.

I originally came here to offer the friendly smack, but I have been insulted and now your trolls are invading our site with meaningless banter. Get ready for a DETROIT JACK MOVE ON SUNDAY!

Hope David's got his GUNS loaded you'll need em!

Why would we tell our Trolls not to go to your site and talk smack when your doing the same thing on our site. Man get a clue,,,,,, and i dont think just because you guys beat "Chicago" that yall need to start yalls superbowl parties already. SORRY but chicago stinks Chargers are suprisinly a better team than we thought "and thats obviously how we are to yall" so be READY ! But we'll see sunday.
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