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Originally Posted by SDBoltz
well Carr's 2 int's were his fault. tThe chargers made it his fault by puttin the pressure on. Reall yhe should have had 3 int's i'm upset that sammy davis didnt catch that ball in the back of the end zone. my prediction is 27-21 texans because the lions just arent good.

Only one of Carr's int's was his fault. The other was batted in the air 60 feet and fielded like a punt. I cant really find fault in that. As for the third interception that you wanted I think that your being upset for silly reasons. I am upset that we fumbled 2 times, had 4 total turnovers, had very big plays called back due to penalties, had a questionable touchdown called against us, didn't intercept when we should have, and ultimately lost a football game to a team that eveyone, including the neighbors dog, thought we would win except for some Charger fans.

I hope that your prediction for next week is correct. In fact I hope it is more like 35-7 but that would be pie in the sky.
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