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We lost 4/5 games last year in the fourth quarter, most on the last
possession. We lose to San Diego the same way. Why? Does this just

There is a turning point when a team goes from loser to winner and vice
versa. Making excuses prolongs this process. The Texans play and are
coached under a '5 yr umbrella.' All of a sudden- somehow - the Texans
are going to begin doing the things necessary to win, as they approach
the end of the 5 years? I don't think so. Why? There has to be a start-
ing point early in the process that continues to build, a process that is
filled with 'playing to win.' Sure, a new team loses but it learns about the
kind of effort and team work it takes to win. That team steps up for each
game, eventually becoming a winner. The Texans do not play to win.
And, most important, the team has not established a starting point.

Finally, the Texans are entering the "what if" period.
...what if we blitzed more
...what if we turned Carr loose
...what if, what if, etc.
It's going to be a long season if the Texans only take what the other
team gives them, while other teams strive to dictate the agenda.
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