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Originally Posted by TexansTrueFan
You know i think your the first cowboys fan to come on here and actually be descent to us lol. You think Henson will be starting QB for dallas before end of season ???

Well as it stands right now, Romo has been named as the back up quarterback to Vinnie. Most of us Dallas fans were pulling for Henson to be the backup but it's obvious he's not ready for even that type of role yet. If Henson develops he has a chance to be the starting quarterback next year, he's got all the right tools...just not the actuall NFL expierence. As for Romo, I believe he should get used to the backup position because if Henson lives up to his potential then Romo will be backup to Henson here in a year or two. Romo did very impressive against KC though, however it's doubtfull he'll ever stay consitent. I really hope Vinny doesnt get hurt this year because if he does we're left with one QB who really isnt very good and has had plenty of time to progress and another that isnt ready to lead a team. I really like Henson though, and I believe along with many other Cowboys fans that he was a steal...theres no doubt this guy has an arm. Hopefully his decision making improves and he turns into a top notch QB.
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