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All in all I am happy with the process of the team, yes I want us to go out and go 10-6 and the playoffs this year...but is that realistic? No.

I do believe that half the teams in the NFL right now have the same record as we do so I'm not concerned right now with Dom's preformance, Palmer I'm a bit more shaky on but I will reserve judgements until the season is thru. I suspect that midway thru next season (team preforming well or poorly) that is when we will start hearing the real positions of McNair and Casserly on Capers future. He's a lock to take the team thru this year and barring a major setback, like 0-16, he's back next season. Then your in year 4 of the vaunted 5 year plan...results will be non-negotiable at that point I believe.
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