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I think that CC and DC are will pay more attention to what athletes are available on the board when we are on the clock as opposed to focusing on a specific position. I say this looking in a crystal ball so to speak since we will really have to wait to see how the team preforms over the season during the different phases of the games.

I agree that a DL or DB might be in order, but I personally would like to see us take a top flight LB (inside or outside). If it's an ILB, ok, let him fight Foreman and Wong for playing time and learn the game from Sharper. If it's an OLB, ok, let him learn to rush the passer from a 3 point stance every now and then...that's got to be a heck of a lot easier than teaching a DE to cover the pass. Bottom line is take the best LB athlete on the board...guys that are going to be players will find a way to play, regardless of how stacked you think a position is barring maybe QB.
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