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Originally Posted by Huge
Yet another example of why they shouldn't give teams rankings so early in the season.
Totally agree. They shouldn't have any kind of rankings until the BCS rankings are first released.

I do hope that Fresno State goes undefeated. I like screwy situations to happen so they can make the system better. I'm just glad they released that when you have pollers instead of computer statistics determining the national championship, it increases the chances of getting the game everyone wants to see (USC vs. LSU last year, Oregon vs. Miami in 2001, etc.).

I was highly disappointed that UCLA (to Miami in the "Hurricane Bowl" ) and K-State (to A&M in the Big 12 Champ.) lost a few years ago. I would have liked to have seen the uproar when you end up with 3 unfeated BCS teams (Tennessee being the other one) and one is left in the cold.
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