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Hello HoustonLionsFans,

Good Analysis, it is well done. Not to be nitpicky, but here are a few corrections for your post:

The Texans have revamped their O-line with the additions of Todd Wade to replace Boscelli and the emergence of Seth Wand (6-7, 327) as a solid starter.

Wade fills the RT spot (replaced Greg Randall) Seth Wand is actually taking Boselli's intended LT position. He's replacing Chester Pitts who has been moved to his 'more natural' position at LG. This is his first year in the position so while he's looked strong so far, the jury is still out on him.

Pro-bowl corner Coleman has shifted to FS to make room for rookie CB Dunte Robinson. Aaron Glenn is the other CB, and I guess that teams like to stay away from Glenn, at least SD did.

While some argued Coleman should have made the probowl last year, he's never been. Aaron Glenn is our pro-bowl(s) CB, he's widely regarded as one of the top 10 shutdown corners in the league. With rogers out he'll likely draw Roy Williams the majority of the time. I wouldn't expect Williams to have a whole lot of breathing room on Sunday, Glenn will teach him some of those sneaky veteran CB tricks.

I also think the TE and Hakim will have to expose the LBs in pass coverage and the middle of the field. Gates (TE SD) lit them up for 120+ yds.

In our scheme Gates was lighting up the safeties more then the OLBs. Eric Brown, our SS, struggled with him in coverage, though he did do a nice job on LT. He's much more of a run-stopper then a cover safety.
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