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Originally Posted by aj.
I have no problem with that but it wasn't successful both times. The first time they ran it (on the 1st and 20 in the 1st quarter) it failed miserably.
I believe they ran the play the first time on the 2nd play of the game (2-3). Carr passed to Davis (LB racing to cover him on the sideline) and it was completed for 8 yards and a 1st down.

You are referring to the the play after Miller's hold, I believe. This play looks like the same play to me, but there must be something different. Maybe Davis is motioning out of the backfield instead off lining up on the sideline? On the second play of the game, Davis is lined up as a WR and you can see a LB sprinting out of the middle of the defense (late) to cover him.

I had not looked at the tape prior to the post, I was just passing on what Capers said during his radio show and he said they ran it successfully twice, although Davis fumbled the second time.

The play you mentioned, Carr did give it to Baxter, but I didn't notice much of a LB shift out of the middle (like Capers mentioned).
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