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O-line starters: LT- Jeff Backus, LG- David Loverne, C- Dominick Raiola, RG- Damien Woody, RT- Stockar McDougal.

The tackles are solid, not great but better than average. Same with Raiola. Woody is a stud, and Loverne is below average. I believe the thinking is, the tackles can handle themselves, as can Woody, this allows Raiola to help out Loverne. Run blocking has not proven to be this lines strong point, at least last year (but Woody and Loverne are both free agent signings) and through 1 game this year. The pass blocking is good, but not as good as Joeys sack #'s suggest. The last 2 yrs, he was throwing too early to avoid the sack, sometimes forcing the ball resulting in Ints instead of sacks.

I'm actually not sure about KJ picking up the blitz. He only played in 2 preseason games, and there wasn't much blitzing in those games. Against Chicago, the several times I watched for it, they didn't blitz, or he was running a route. So, that is a very good question. Don't be suprised to see Pinner get extra carries if KJ is uneffective early, and Pinner and Bryson can pick up the blitz.

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