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Originally Posted by texasguy346
It seems pretty fair to me. But I would add that you got Tony Hollings name wrong on the post. You have him listed as Troy. Other than that it seems very fair. I would note that Fernando Bryant is as familiar with AJ as one can be since he came from our division rival the Jaguars. Gaffney has excellent hands, and is a good 3rd down reciever and plays well in the slot. DD does what it takes to get the extra yards, and despite the 2 fumbles on Sunday he generally has very good hands. Hollings is a quick back with very good speed. I liked your points about the Texans mindset after a tough loss. We usually come out fired up, and play smart football. I asked another Lion's fan for info on Detroit's OLine, but I didn't get it. I know you guys picked up Damien Woody in the offseason, but I can't think of any other guys on your line. How are they in Pass/Run blocking? How is Jones at picking up the blitz? Any info would be much appreciated.
Stocker McDougal is our RT. He is pretty big, moves very well, is a good run blocker and was a 1st round pick. He has started for the last 3 years. He is solid.

Damien Woody - Rg. You know about him 26 years old 2 time pro-bowler from N.E.

Dominic Raolia - C. 3 year starter from nebraska. Pretty good run blocker, o pass blocker, not very big, but quick can get outside and pull or trap block.

David Loverne - LG - Free-Agent pick-up from San Diego. Big, Strong and very quick. Very physcial run blocker, ok is the pass game.

Jeff Backus - LT - Very Solid around player in the run and pass. Better Pass Blocker.

Overall our O-Line is a strength on the team very solid. Only have gave up 17 sacks on Joey the last 2 years and 1 last Sunday.

KJ was good on blitzes last week. Pinner is good and Bryson is the best.
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